S14 House

The project sought to integrate a new house into the existing building, fabric and the trees around it. Not a single tree was removed before, during or after construction. The … Continue readingS14 House

S11 House

Located in an established older suburb of Petaling Jaya, the existing old house on the site was built in the early 1960’s and had become dilapidated and run-down over the … Continue readingS11 House

No.18 house

(In collaboration with DTLM Architect) The brief called for a sustainable green home for a large family with generous open living spaces to entertain guests and private rooms customised to … Continue readingNo.18 house

House 12H

(In collaboration with DRTAN LM Architect) A new house designed for an extended family, House 12H is built around courtyards and a main water feature. The façade is swathed in … Continue readingHouse 12H