The Wave


The Wave is a modern contemporary reworking of the time-honoured colonial white beach house. A flying white sail roof soars over the elevated arrival deck, adding a sense of weightlessness to the overall purity. The breezy ambience is reinforced by the interior of Sailfin Restaurant, a fine dining first on Kuta. Sensual curtains and royal purple silk pendant lights coax diners to dream while gazing out the floor-to-ceiling glass views of the beachfront and Pantai Kuta Road. After dinner, the yellow glow of the wine bar’s onyx walls resembles a tractor beam pulling one over to chill out at the classy lounge area.

The Coffee Bar is instantly recognizable by a retro recreation of the traditional Balinese bale begong or gazebo. The Club is located on ground level for the convenience of night-time trawlers who need a boogie fix, and fast. High ceilings, a state-of-the-art Nexo sound system from France and Teaktree House custom bar stools set the stage for the main attraction: the longest bar in Bali at 48 metres, doubled in size by clever mirrors. Made of arabesco marbletop, the bar counter creatively doubles as a catwalk for both fashion shows and intoxicated barflies.